Unique Restaurants in Bali

September 10, 2015

Because Bali has been a travel destinations for Aussies for quite some time now they have adapted to please the Aussie tastes.  This means lots of shops and restaurants full of stuff us westerners like, with an Asian flare.  The Balinese are just now coming around to understanding that they have some incredible things here naturally.  So what happens when all of that collides?  There are some incredibly great restaurants combining western tastes with natural products found here in Bali and in the cut throat industry of restaurants they have to stand out.  Here are a few of my favorites!



OTTO Food Ball– Unique concept of wonderful food formed into a ball and served the way you want it


Potato Head– All day dining in a cabana by the pool or swanky dining at a table long enough for 50


Vin+Seminyak– Amazing wine options inside of a giant bamboo hut


Double Six Rooftop– Nestle in your circular booth surrounded by water, on a rooftop, overlooking the famous double six beach


Gardin Bistro– Dining in an amazing glass house, unbelievable at night and day


Sarong– One of the most sought after dining options in Bali because of the amazing chef and stunning decor


La Plancha– Dinner in the sand with sunset views and bean bags

IMG_7830 IMG_7835

Shelter– Home of the Nalu bowls, smoothie in a bowl.  Lovely staff, great relaxed atmosphere for breakfast and lunch, great playlists and wifi is quick.



Hanging Gardens Cafe where you can get a riverside picnic


Bambu Indah– Where you can swing and eat


Cafe Pomegranete– Lunch in a tent in a rice field at the end of a rice field walk from Ubud


Sari Organik– Dinner with a ricefield view

Bukit Peninsula:

IMG_8269 IMG_8257

El Kabron– amazing sunset and gin and tonics


Finns Beach Club– Smores by bonfire on the beach


Single Fin– healthy food with a healthy view.  Original home of the Nalu bowls, great chilled out surfer experience and it has a better view than Shelter if you’re deciding between Shelter and Single Fin.  Watch the waves come in, surfers dominate some wabes, grab a beer and have a chat with others.


Karma Beach– movies on a beanbag after sunset on the beach


Temple Lounge and Bar– moroccan food at a restaurant built into the side of a cliff



Man Shed– Dine in a garage themed restaurant complete with lights made out of old helmets and booths made from vespas.  A must for any motorcycle enthusiasts.



Deus Ex Machina– cool vibe, again for motorcycle enthusiasts and surfers alike.  Tons on display and they make them there as well.  A must see.

old mans

Old Mans Cafe– Chill vibes, beachfront dining with western food and music.  Beer pong on Wednesday nights!  A local expat hangout.

There you have it!  Some awesome and unique restaurants throughout Bali.  We have not had the chance to eat at all of these but as the old saying goes, “I have not been everywhere yet, but its on my list!”

Happy eating and as always HFDE,


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