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Skydiving in Australia

July 30, 2015



As a couple who likes to do adventurous things, skydiving is among the list of things we LOVE.  We tried it for the first time about a year and a half ago for our 1 year anniversary and loved it.  The first time we did it we opted for a small company in Florida.  It was a great experience but we did not get pictures or a video, the best photos we had were of small specs in the sky.  So when we decided to do this trip of skydiving in Cairns Australia we went all in.   Video, photos and skydiving over the ocean with views of the Great Barrier Reef, a rainforest, sugar cane fields and the city of Cairns.  This operation was much more for tourists than our first jump and we had a great group.

We had a beautiful day but it was a bit windy so we waited quite a while.  After roughly 6 hours and getting in and out of gear we boarded the plane for our jump.  The scenery was amazing on this jump but what they say about your first jump being the best is 100% correct.  I think the only feeling that might be able to match it will be if  I learn to jump solo and am solely responsible for pulling my own parachute, who knows if that will ever happen.  I was still excited for this jump but that feeling in your stomach of sheer excitement was not as strong.  Only 2 things in my life have given me that feeling of nervous excitement and happiness, competitive swimming standing on the block waiting to launch off into the water and skydiving.  Odd that swimming as a sport gave me the same feeling as skydiving but I guess that goes to show how much I loved both things and how excited I was that first jump.

There were 9 or so of us in our group and we loaded into the plane super cozy.  The plane is not that large and there are 2 large bench seats that everyone sits very close.  The trip to 14,000 ft is about 15-20 minutes of amazing scenery and my instructor gave me some very cool facts of what we were flying over.

Swoopware 0043 Greg 0034 Greg 0030 Greg 0048

The plane ride went by super quick and the next thing I knew the door was open and the first jumper was out!  Greg was the second out of the plane so that was crazy to watch your husband jump out of a plane when 2 seconds prior he was sitting next to you.

Greg 0009 Greg 0019Greg 0080 Greg 0087 Greg 0109 Greg 0112 Greg 0137 Greg 0156 Greg 0157 Greg 0177

4 more tandem teams jumped out and it was my turn.  Feet over the edge, hold your chest straps and roll.  Such an exhilarating feeling right as you fall out and from 14,000 ft you get over a minute of free fall time.  In the beginning you are shocked as to how fast you are falling and the amount of wind in your face but then you are able to gain your wits and look around and just enjoy the amazing experience.  The next part is probably my favorite and thats when the parachute is pulled, your body jerks up but then you can relax your straps a bit and just glide enjoying the scenery.  My instructor allowed me to drive the parachute for a while and corkscrewing is my favorite thing to do.  That simply means you pull on the ropes really hard either left or right and corkscrew down.  You can get some speed up if you do it long enough and it is a blast!

Swoopware 0007 Greg 0027  Swoopware 0088 Swoopware 0091 Swoopware 0094 Swoopware 0120 Swoopware 0140 Swoopware 0170 Swoopware 0174 Swoopware 0176 Swoopware 0194

We then landed and immediately wanted to go back up.  I cannot wait until we do it again!

If you are in the Cairns area we highly recommend skydiving with Skydive Cairns :)

Until next time

Have fun do everything


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