Healthy on the Go— The Best Travel Snacks

September 25, 2014

So I love food, snacking in particular is my favorite.  I always have super yummy chips super healthy snacks in my pantry and always need some snacks on the go! Especially traveling with my partner in crime we have to have lots of snacks because we cannot go very long without eating or else we both get grumpy.  Everyone knows two grumpy travelers is never a good combo! So I feel its fitting that I do my take on the best travel snacks that pack the most punch in a small package but deliver on the ability to keep the hunger attitude in check.

KIND bars— Love these granola bars!  They come in such great flavors so you can get your sweet tooth taken care of with the dark chocolate and sea salt or keep it breakfast friendly with the almond and apricot.  Try all 24 they are awesome!!


Clementines—  Super easy to take with you and much easier to eat than an orange


Celery and Peanut Butter— Yum who doesn’t love this combo, cut up some celery get a little pb and your all set for a few hours!  Better yet use up that old jar of pb with just a little left in the bottom and put your celery right on top and you have an easy snack with great packing capability!


Granola— Scoop some up and put it into a ziploc bag and kick hunger to the curb


Hummus and pretzels— awesome classic combo!  Sabra even packages theirs up for you!


Sweet potato straws— I just tried these the other day and they are awesome and only 4 calories a straw!

Goldfish— who doesn’t love goldfish??


Almonds— Get your sweet tooth taken care of with the dark chocolate almonds!  2 awesome travel features; they are coated in a powder chocolate so they don’t melt if they get hot and they come in a great travel container, it fits right in your car cup holder!


Babybel cheese— they already come awesomely prepackaged to be the best travel cheese!


Flavored water— we all know you should drink water while traveling but adding yummy flavors makes you want to drink it





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