Day Trips In Bali

September 20, 2015

So you are in Bali.  You want to do all the amazing things Bali has to offer but don’t know where to start.  From being here for almost 3 months we have done a few amazing trips and I wanted to share them with you.  It depends on where you are stationed but let’s assume you are stationed at the beach, Seminyak to be specific and you want some day trips.  Here are a few great options:

Day Trip to Northern Bali:  Bali’s north is full of some awesome waterfalls and a completely different vibe than the westernized southern beaches.  A great day out would to see Git Git, Sekumpul, and any others the tour guides tell you about up there.  They know of some other awesome ones so just chat with them.  You can also throw a temple or two in there since they are everywhere in Bali.  Coffee farms are also a dime a dozen and you can try some luwak coffee, aka the most expensive coffee in the world.

GitGit IMG_8094

Day Trip To Ubud: Rice terraces, Tenungan waterfall, Tirta Empul, Monkey Forest, Kintamani overlook and a coffee farm are awesome things to see and you can get them all checked off in a day.  If you want a long day ask to see the dances either Kecek or Legong in the evening.  Kecek is a series of fire dancing and chanting which is fun Legong is more of the makeup and Balinese women in traditional outfits you have seen on brochures.  Both are a bit long in my opinion you could leave halfway and not miss anything.

11378545_1464003810582191_1310975003_n IMG_2439 IMG_2571 IMG_2582 IMG_6998 IMG_8122 IMG_2663 Legong02

Day Trip To Uluwatu: Uluwatu Temple, Padang Padang beach/Bingin Beach/Dreamland beach, Single Fin for Nalu bowls, maybe even sunset dinner at El Kabron or drinks at Rock Bar.  You can easily make a day out of exploring the beaches in Uluwatu and combo it with the temple and some awesome food and drinks.  Uluwatu temple also does a very cool Kecek dance at sunset so if you have not seen this in Ubud it would be worth checking out at this temple if you are into dances.

IMG_8297 IMG_7835 IMG_8257 IMG_8269 IMG_8214

Day Trip to Kuta: Take a day and just see what Kuta is all about, shopping at the beachwalk is good, TONS of cheap shops on the street, good food all around, and WATERBOM Bali’s waterpark home to some of the best waterslides in Asia.

Sunrise Trek to Mt. Batur: This is awesome and I highly recommend this.  It’s an early start, the earlier the further from Ubud you get.  Think 2am ish a bit of a drive to the volcano and then trekking in the dark for sunrise at the top.  It’s absolutely incredible.  You can ask to go to the healing springs afterwards for a lovely swim and soak then grab lunch overlooking the lake in the volcano before heading home to most likely nap.  The early wakeup call is so worth it.  We have done this now 2x and very different experiences.  You should avoid Sundays as this is the most crowded day and spring for the more expensive tour.  Some offer it around 300k but those only get you to the crater, not the top, you climb with hundreds of others (not very cool), and your breakfast is a sandwich.  Now if you spring for the more expensive you get a different route away from the crowds, your guide brings breakfast of eggs and bananas to steam on the side of the volcano, coffee at the top, a scenic route back down the volcano and just overall a better experience.  I can’t say you will get this with all the expensive options but you will if you ask questions about the hike you should get a good idea of how involved they will be.

IMG_8018 IMG_8046 IMG_2363 IMG_8010 IMG_7981 IMG_7982

Safari and Marine Park: Want to see tons of exotic animals in an environment that they are not native to?  This is for you.  Not my thing simply because they brought all these animals in for tourist attractions but if you are only in SEA once and you want to see everything you can I do hear this place gets good reviews.

Cycling Trip Around Ubud: This gets you out and in the countryside of Bali to show you the amazing rice terraces and fields as well as a Balinese family compound to show you how the locals live in their villages.  Lovely day with exercise and culture.

White Water Rafting: More a half day than a full day, you end around 1:30 or 2:00.  The rivers actually give good rafting tours even in the dry season, wet season it is too intense.  Fun times for sure.

A great temple near Seminyak is Tanah Lot and if you catch it at sunset and low tide its pretty incredible.  You can’t go in the temple but you can get blessed by the holy water, see a holy snake (no thanks), and witness an incredible sunset.  Don’t worry about eating dinner at the temple to watch the sun go down the restaurants are not that great.  Just head back to Seminyak for dinner.

IMG_7896 IMG_7903 IMG_7912 IMG_7914

While in Seminyak you should definitely go shopping, lay at the beach, see the great beach clubs Ku De Ta and Potato Head, drink some incredible coffee at Revolver Espresso, check out Sisterfields for a great brunch and work off all those calories by getting a surf lesson by any of the vendors on the beach or my favorite surf instructor Desu.

IMG_7018 IMG_6916 IMG_7069 IMG_7882

Those should keep you busy for your time but make sure to just chill out and enjoy the amazing island.

Have Fun Do Everything,


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