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Day Tour Through The Blue Mountains, Australia

October 3, 2015

For the month of August our Adventure on $200 was a tour through the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia.

Here are the highlights:

Cost: $240 AUD = $169 USD for two

Length of Time: 8am-6pm (10 hours)

Activities Conquered: Feeding kangaroos, koalas, goats, baby dingoes, witnessing the majestic Blue Mountains, rode the steepest railway in the world, walked through Sydney Olympic Park and took a ferry ride through Sydney’s Parramatta river and Sydney harbour.

Before coming to Australia I knew we were going to have a great time but I had no idea how much fun.   We planned on spending 2 weeks in Cairns Australia but when the volcano in Bali erupted and our flight back was cancelled we hopped down to Sydney.  I am so glad we did!  I knew I liked Sydney but after this week vacation it currently holds my #1 city in the world spot.

We don’t normally visit anywhere for less than a few weeks now so when we booked Sydney for a mere 7 days I knew I had to do some tour booking asap.  One of our favorites was this tour by Dingo Travel in Sydney taking us to the Blue Mountains west of the city by about an hour.  The Blue Mountains are known for dramatic scenery, steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages dotted with guesthouses, galleries and gardens.  Echo Point gives you amazing views of the storied Three Sisters sandstone rock formation.

The day started with a great trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park.  We were there early which was awesome because we got in before all the Chinese buses of hundreds of tourists came in.  This meant awesome interaction with koalas and kangaroos as well as seeing awesome other animals.  The wombat has become one of my favorite animals after seeing them here!

IMG_7380 IMG_7383 IMG_7403 IMG_7487 IMG_7480 IMG_7470 IMG_7444 IMG_7492 IMG_7499 IMG_7431

We packed up and made our way Echo Point after the wildlife park to see the famous sandstone formation, The Three Sisters.  Quite a bit cooler up there I was happy I brought my rain coat which acts as an awesome wind breaker.  There is also an informative Aboriginal dance/info session that we attended.  Afterwards we even got our picture with an ‘Aborigine’ but he is super white so I’m unconvinced he has ancestors from anyone besides the Europeans who settled Australia.  Then we went to Scenic world and rode a cable car that gave you amazing views of the steep cliffs, Three Sisters and those beautiful Blue Mountains.  They get their blue color from the eucalyptus vegetation and how it reacts with the air and its more magical in person than through the lens of an iphone 6.

 IMG_7526 IMG_7550 IMG_7532 IMG_7657

At the bottom of the ride you walk through the beautiful forests and see the mines that were used to get coal back in the 19th century.  They still have the mines that you can walk in as well as see the mines that have been closed up by large boulders. It was really interesting to see how small miners had to be and how dark their workdays would have been.  It was a hard job and I have much respect for anyone who used to or still does mine.

IMG_7561 IMG_7560 IMG_7571

The railway took us back up the mountain at a scary 52 degrees.  That makes it the steepest in the world and I wanted to document it but I was too busy holding on making sure I did not fall forward on top of the guys below me.  I did get this photo though before we started moving.  The photo above is the original one used for the miners and the below is the railway today.


We then grabbed lunch in a cute little mountain village complete with meat pies, soup and flat whites.  The Australians know how to make some incredible coffee and the flat white has become my favorite caffeinated beverage, by FAR.  Next up was a bushwalk through The Blue Mountains National Park to see Bridal Veil Falls (I wonder how many waterfalls are named this, it is quite common). Incredible steep cliffs and small walkways made for a great way to walk off our lunch calories.

IMG_7585 IMG_7592  IMG_7589

Lastly we walked through Sydney’s Olympic Village and caught a ferry ride back into the city through Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour.  Catching great views of the bridge and Opera house from the water was an unexpected treat!

IMG_7597 IMG_7610 IMG_7633 IMG_7621 IMG_7614

The tour ended at 6pm we grabbed some dinner and headed back to our quaint little airbnb in Paddington.

Such a wonderful day and so fun to relive it now while I write the post.  I miss Sydney and cannot wait to go back.

Have Fun Do Everything,



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