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What You Should Know Before A Visit To Bali

September 30, 2015

Everyone going to a new place always wants to understand a bit about it before they arrive.  This is a great practice to be in because if you understand a place before you arrive you cannot fault it for not being what you expected.  While Bali is amazing it is no different and you should understand a bit about it before arrival.  Here are a few tips on understanding daily life in Bali and what it is all about :)

Dogs: There are tons of local dogs that roam around.  Don’t worry they eat well and I’m convinced don’t want to be domesticated and live with humans in a house.  They enjoy roaming and eating the offerings.  Also to be noted, while the dogs may look friendly don’t pet them, they are not used to it and will probably bite you, I speak from experience.

Offerings: There are small palm leaf offerings all over the ground so watch your step.  The Balinese typically put out 2 offerings one in the morning and one in the afternoon filled with flowers, some sort of food (either a cracker or rice typically) and an incense.  You will see them on the ground for the bad spirits and those in the offering tower looking statues and those are for the good gods.  You might step on the ones on the ground or run over them with your motorbike.  While you should try to avoid them the Balinese are forgiving so don’t let it ruin your day if you step on one. I love this practice of the offerings and think it makes Bali beautiful and always smelling nice.

Ceremonies: The Balinese have ceremonies ALL THE TIME and for EVERYTHING.  Someone dies? Ceremony.  Someone is born? Ceremony.  Baby turns 3 months? Ceremony.  New business? Ceremony. Random holiday on the calendar you can’t read? Ceremony.  I really love this about the Balinese, I think they have their life priorities and work life balance on point.  They are never afraid of a good ceremony and always dress the part.  It’s so much fun to see them happening all the time.

Temples:  There are temples everywhere in Bali.  Each community has a temple and communities here are like small neighborhoods or streets, read: there are tons.  Now only the big ones are available for westerners to go into and you will know if its big or not because the big ones have sarongs and sashes for you to borrow as you walk through because you must dress the part.  Boys and girls, everyone wears a sarong (read: skirt) and a sash, unless you are in pants then you just wear a sash.

Massage, Taxi?  You will get asked this so many times.  Get ready.  Now I don’t even say anything back, I just keep walking.  May sound rude but its exhausting telling 25 people no thank you in 50 ft, just as I’m sure they are tired of asking but they are trying to make a dollar.

Honking:  The drivers honk if they are passing you, if they are coming around a corner, to ask if you want a taxi ride, to tell you to move, really it’s used for so many things.  Just be ready to hear lots of honking while you are here but don’t be alarmed nobody is mad.

Motorbikes: Main mode of transportation here in Bali.  Some of the beaches have some good bluebird taxis roaming around but the majority of vehicles on the road are motorbikes.  Also they rule the road and can really do whatever they want, like drive on sidewalks so watch out.  Driving one is fun and exhilarating but can be dangerous.  You can also get a taxi ride on a motorbike if you are solo and this is a great cheap option to the taxis that sometimes scam you.

Taxis: Bluebird is the best one and be sure to either ask for a meter or to negotiate a price BEFORE you get in the car or start your journey.  Once they have taken you a place its hard to tell them you are not going to pay their price.

Ants:  Bali has an ant problem and you should get used to the fact that they are everywhere.  Ants are the worst but really since most everything is open to the outdoors a lot of the day there are tons of insects and lizards everywhere.  Don’t be alarmed its just the way of life here.

Small but big island: You can probably get around the island in 10 hours and take day trips to any part of the island so in this case its small but there are so many things to do and see if can feel like a big island.  So many little sectors of the island with different atmospheres make it feel like a big island.  Don’t be sad if you can’t see everything in your visit, just plan to come back for the rest I promise you will want to!

I hope you are ready to visit Bali now, just give me a bit of notice and I will meet you there!



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10 Truths About The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

July 13, 2015

Digital nomadism is a relatively new {amazing} concept.  Truthfully speaking it’s pretty hard for people to wrap their heads around, simply because we have been taught a very specific way of life for generations.  Live a great childhood full of adventures, playgrounds, bicycles and ice cream then grow up go to school, become serious enough to get good grades, get into another great school, graduate said school become super serious and become a real functioning adult “putting in their time” to earn more money to have fun again.  I don’t like this plan, why do we have to become a serious adult with a “real job” in the “real world” just so we can make money so we are able to have fun again?  Can’t we earn money while having fun?  I think we can and my husband and I have chosen the increasingly popular, but still relatively misunderstood lifestyle of the digital nomad.  Working from our laptops and wifi around the world.  For a long time travel has been something for people with time and money and it’s always a vacation.  We now live in a world where you can still have time, money, and travel while working to experience this amazing world we live in.  If you are contemplating this lifestyle or just want to know a bit more about it here are some truths we have discovered from our time as digital nomads.

IMG_59891) Everyone thinks you are always doing cool things and on vacation.  This one is tough because like I said it’s hard for people to understand that while you are experiencing a great new culture or new location you sill have to work to be able to sustain the lifestyle.  You will get a lot of “what are you doing today?” type questions and a lot of the time your answer will be “working”.  Don’t feel bad for working because it’s essential to maintaining this great lifestyle, just try your best to help people understand that this is not a vacation even though it looks like it.  You may be working from your balcony overlooking the ocean or in a coffee shop down the street in Bali and that is still a great day.  Don’t worry it’s pretty cool working from your hammock, going surfing on your lunch break or go for a quick ride to nearby waterfalls to clear your head.

IMG_52482) Long term travel is hard work.  Not only do you have to sustain your income but it’s also very time consuming to book your consistent travel.  Finding flights and accommodations within budget takes time even if there are a ton of really helpful websites out there.  Keep some time open for this sometimes daunting task.

11380800_662906820507893_385595945_n23) Your mindset on locations will change.  It’s hard to change your mindset but you are not vacationing, you are living in another place and there is a difference on your outlook.  The more you travel the more you understand about yourself and what places you want to visit which is different from what places you could live and work for a period of time.  Your view will also be different than the thousands of people online that say place “X” is the best place they have ever been.  Be open to this change, understand what you want and you will make better decisions on locations and be happier in the long run.

IMG_53314) You will not like everywhere you go.  With your changing mindset and understanding what you want out of a location nothing will show you that more than if you arrive in a place and realize there is no AC, after you have been hiking up a hill for 20 minutes in 100+ degree heat.  You have a quick breakdown and realize AC is absolutely essential to living on the road for you.  Maybe it’s not AC thats your breaking point, maybe it’s a hot shower, a normal western toilet or a desk.  Whatever it is you will find out everywhere is not as perfect for everyone and you might not like Thailand as much as everyone else raves about it, and that’s okay.

IMG_53355) Finding strong wifi can be difficult.  So you have researched a location, booked flights and picked a hotel based on a good wifi connection just to arrive and find out that “good” to other travelers was the ability to check instagram or send a few emails and your “good” might mean ability to host a webinar and not cut in and out constantly.  Coffee shops are also notoriously unreliable because you never know who is going to be streaming a full length movie and using a ton of bandwith.  Wifi sometimes will make a location go from a “must visit can’t wait to get there” to a “vacation only” spot just be aware of that and do as much homework on the wifi as you can.

IMG_9621.JPG6) You don’t have to be rich to to be a digital nomad but you can become rich from being a digital nomad.  Digital nomadism can be used as a means to grow your wealth.  This will be mind blowing to most but absolutely true.  We’ve been asked numerous times “How much did you have to save to do this?” or told “I would like to do that but I would have to save up for a long time”.  The truth is, it’s an excellent way to save money and grow your wealth.  Going over the finances could be a whole different blog post, however, there are a few main reasons I say this.  First, if you choose a region like we did (SE Asia), living here is so much cheaper than living in America.  We eat out 90% of the time, often at nice restaurants, stay in some amazing places, usually have daily housekeeping and carelessly spend money on lots of non-materialistic items yet our living expenses are still significantly cheaper than they were stateside.  Stuff here is cheap.  The second reason is due to the fact that entrepreneurship and self employment with a bit of hard work can pay a lot better than a corporate job.  Of course you need to be smart about this, it will take a some ingenuity but after escaping the earning ceiling that corporate America assigns to you, the sky is the limit.  This dangerous duo of lower costs and higher earnings can help lead you to financial freedom.

11232829_635047726625701_661174578_n7) You will miss a flight/bus/boat/train.  If there is one lesson I have learned it’s to be flexible.  You, at some point, will miss something that was vital to your day.  Be flexible, yelling at people who do not speak english or being a jerk never gets you anywhere.  Be nice, stay positive and ask other for help, who knows you might make a friend out of it and it will always turn into a great story down the road.  The best stories never happen when everything goes as planned.

IMG_52708) It can be lonely.  Most people you encounter are on vacation so they come and go or you are moving so quickly you come and go and it’s tough to meet people to form relationships with or experience things with.  Understand that if you are solo traveling you will be dining alone frequently and your constant companion will be your selfie stick {they actually take great photos}.  You will meet amazing people and have great days or nights with them but almost always you leave or they leave.

11351692_1462152677415167_1351650798_n9) You can spend as much or as little as you want.  If you are in a rough month and need to pinch a few pennies you can go to India, the cheapest country in the world to live in and vice versa if you are rolling it in and want to pamper yourself or just blow some cash head to Switzerland alternatively the most expensive country to live in.  Either way you have the ability to spend as much or as little as you want.

11378545_1464003810582191_1310975003_n10) You will grow as a person.  You have heard it time and time again but it is worth mentioning.  Traveling is full of surprises and will teach you many things you cannot learn from staying in your comfort zone.  If you let it, travel can change you forever but mostly in a good way. So even if you go out there and experience things that nobody told you about, it’s because the positives far exceed the risks and challenges. In the end, you take away much more from the experience than you could have imagined.

This lifestyle is vastly different from the one we lived in Alabama and we are absolutely in love with it.  There are positives and negatives and digital nomading as a couple enters you into some uncharted waters but ultimately we have grown closer from it.  If you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad look at yourself and think what you want out of life.  This lifestyle is not for everyone, I know a ton of people who are happy as can be living stateside and that is great! But if you are itching for something more, something difficult but exhilarating and something that stretches you this might be your lifestyle.  Remember if you take the plunge give it time but there is no shame in saying it’s not for you, ultimately the best thing in life is to be HAPPY.

Get out there and experience life,



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10 Best Travel Apps and Websites

April 21, 2015

The digital world has become very important to me and while sometimes I feel there is WAY too much info out there and its exhausting trying to understand what is relevant and whats weighing me down and not letting me experience each moment this digital world we live in has some serious perks.  Here are a list of the apps I can’t stop using and don’t know how travel was done before them.  Smartphones make travel so much easier!!

1)— this is always my go to booking website.  It gives the much needed wifi rating by other guests and we don’t stay anywhere under an 8 on that scale.  I love love love this website.  Don’t know how I would travel without it.

2) — the yin to booking.coms yang.  If I find a killer place on how do I get there?  Check!  You can choose date range so you book the cheapest day, instead of a city you can choose a country to again get the cheapest flight, and you can “watch prices” and the website will send you an email if your criteria are met.

3) Tripit — a friend of mine told me about this app and we wont go back.  It keeps everything organized in one app for you.  Flights, lodging, check in/out times, map to location, all wonderful information!

4) Tripomatic — I just found this website/app and it helps me understand where I want to stay in a city based on the attractions I want to see.  It’s an interactive map of a city with bubbles of popular attractions.  You can even click to add them to your itinerary on whatever day and as you add attractions it automatically gives you the best sightseeing trip.  Gone are the days of accidentally passing an attraction on your way to another one just to realize you missed it and have to backtrack.  This app is awesome I cant wait to see it in action when we get to Singapore which is the first city itinerary I have booked.

5) Tripadvisor — The original amazing travel website and app.  There are others out there but none compare to the info and reviews this one does.

6) Xe Currency— I can’t keep the currency conversion rates ever straight and that’s where I use this free app.  You can add multiple currencies in and it converts for all of them.  This app updates every hour so you can feel confident in your haggling abilities and understand what 15 ringit means.  I love this app!

7) Smart News— This is how I keep up with whats going on at home and in the world.  You can add tons of different news pages everything from Fox News CNN Today Show and my favorite Buzzfeed (even if that’s not news per say).

8) World Lens — this app is incredible.  You merely let it access your camera and place it over the foreign language menu/sign/whatever you can’t read and it translates it before your eyes.  Incredible.

9) Trover— This app is really cool when you’re bored and need an activity but unsure what to do.  Pull out your Trover app, hit nearby and voila a ton of pics pop up and just click on the picture you like the best.  Users post with useful information about the location, how to get there, what it costs, etc.  The only downside to this app is its relatively new and needs more people to post pics and tips.  There are awesome photos but people are not posting for the cool factor of their photo or to show off where they have been it’s really meant to help people find cool places to go and visit.

10) Touchnote— This is a postcard app that you create a postcard for as low as USD$1.33 right on your phone.  These are so much fun to send and the recipients that I have sent them to think they are really cool.  It’s a postcard with your picture and message on it created and mailed to your friends and family.  You can even put a custom stamp and a map of where the picture was taken on it.  This app is so much fun and I love sending them when I am feeling especially homesick.

Awesome apps that I wish worked abroad– These apps are awesome for traveling through the US and probably lots of other places but don’t work where we are and I am sad about it.  Uber— gosh I miss the convenience of this app iExit— This app is awesome for road trips when you are craving Chic Fil A and are wishing and hoping the glorious green sign tells you one is ahead but the future is unknown.  This app tells you what is offered at each exit and how far from the ramp it is. Yelp— awesome for restaurant reviews etc Wifi Finder— this app does exactly what you think it might.  Thankfully so many places in Asia have free wifi and its plastered on their door but this app was wonderful back in the states!

Hope these apps and websites help you out as you travel and explore this wonderful world around us, near and far!!



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Ten Things I am loving About Being Abroad

April 19, 2015

So we have been gone for almost 2 months now and they have been an amazing 2 months at that.  We have seen so much and done so much that I thought I would share the 10 best things about being abroad, this list is likely to change at least a little with each passing month but here is the first go round…

1) New cultures– We as Americans do not see the world the way the rest of the world does.  Its easy to live in the States, where we don’t travel as a culture very frequently or very long distances.  In general it seems we don’t and know a lot about other cultures and I definitely fall in that category.  I am loving learning and seeing and experiencing new cultures, history, world wide happenings and all things that affect this huge world we live in.

2) New food options — I love to eat, and I love to eat new things.  I find myself saying asking what a locals favorite is and ordering it asking other questions.  A dish called bee hoon?  Sure sounds nice.  Chee Cheong Fun?  Absolutely, fun is in the name for Pete’s sake.

3) Being warm — We chose southeast Asia for a reason, we love the sun and I do love being warm.  The option to have a pool or beach day ranks high up there on what makes me happy in life.  Its the days when I am carrying my heavy backpack around a scorching city that I have to remind myself, I chose this.   If I suffer through sweating through all my clothes and looking like I just swam across a river because it’s so hot and I am carrying a 30 lb pack I can reward myself with a day on the beach tomorrow.

4) Meeting new people — I love this so much, you learn so many amazing things when you chat with new people.  Traveling makes you open up and be much more transparent because everyone is after the same thing, a good conversation with someone new.  There are always bad seeds in this as with everything but all in all if you become more open and put yourself out there, you will reap the benefits beyond imagine.

5) Less structured days — If I want to work for 2 hours in the morning, take a break for a swim and lunch then get back at it I can do that, no one is telling me that I have to eat at my desk today to finish a project.

6) Having nothing to tie me down — How liberating it is to just have the items on your back.  It’s hard to put into words but for the first time ever I really feel we can go anywhere we want, the only thing holding us back is ourselves.  How many times I have heard that and said yea whatever but now FINALLY I feel it, and I don’t want to let go of that feeling.

7) Ease of travel between countries — The states is such a huge place traveling from one state to the other is like going from one country to another in SEA and its incredibly easy.  Buses, trains, planes, ferries all are easy options and you see such a vast difference from one to another.

8) Trying out new accommodations — I love the ability to stay in so many different types of places.  From hostels, motels, beach front bungalows, urban city condos, super western hotel chains, a locals spare couch you name it it’s out there on a website somewhere for you to stay a few nights.  It’s so much fun to try not only new places but new accommodations and lodging and the internet makes it so easy these days.

9) Change of mindset — Traveling and watching Greg create a business while on the road has opened my eyes.  Its amazing how much you really can do if you let go of what society tells you we need to be doing and just do what you want to be doing.  We are very fortunate that his first idea has done well but really when you want to keep going like we do failure isn’t an option, make changes until it works.  This lifestyle is too good to give up on.

10) Learning how big the world is and how little I know about it– Man the world is a huge place and there are so many amazing places to go see and boy oh boy am I learning.   When we started I thought we are going the whole world in the 10 months and now when I envision the end of our journey coming I cant help but think we are going to miss so many places we want to see.  I find also the more places you see and travel to the more places you hear about and want to see and travel to.  Just as we cross one country or city off our list 5 more pop on from recommendations or places nearby that we had not thought of before.  It’s an ever growing list and I can see how people travel on end for years.

This is such an amazing experience that I am so glad we have embarked on and bit the bullet now instead of later.  I am looking forward to see how this list changes and how my outlook changes in the future, it has already changed on so many things and we have only been gone for 2 months.  2 months and 9 cities down, no clue how many more to go!

If you are thinking about going abroad short term or long term just go.  There is no time like the present and travel is the only thing that costs money but makes you richer.  Experiences are worth more at the end of the day than the dollar.

I hope you have fun and do everything,


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10 Tips for Westerners in El Nido

March 18, 2015

Okay so first off El Nido is every bit as beautiful as everyone says. It’s also completely worth the 6-8 hour bus ride on dirt and “paved” roads you take to get there (unless you are a high roller and flew into El Nido on a private plane, in which case can I be your friend?).  Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your stay so you’re not too shell-shocked and can enjoy every bit of your time in El Nido.

  1. GETTING THERE: First off you will take the 6-8 hour bus ride from Puerto (or splurge on the plane ride in) but the streets are small and your bus (we recommend Palawan day tripper or roro) that took you to El Nido will not be able to get to the actual town which is a tiny town wedged in between cliffs (el nido is spanish for the nest).   So you must get off the bus and hire a trike. Don’t worry they know how this works and are everywhere. Don’t pay more than 40 pesos or you are getting scammed. We got scammed and paid 60 because we were so happy to be off the bus and close to town. The town is definitely a backpacker coastal town. Super laid back, bathing suits worn everywhere and although not as cheap as Thailand it is cheap in western standards. Dinner beer and bottled water doesn’t run you up over $20 for 2 people too often. IMG_5344
  2. ONCE YOU ARE THERE:  The beach in El Nido is not the main swimming beach, its mostly used for the boats to come and go on their tours. However Corong Corong is a great beach and there is another beach around the eastern point, if you look hard you can see the windy path to walk there just to the east of El Nido Hotel. Its not too far just 15 minutes from the eastern end of town, probably 30 from the western end. You can always take a book and towel and hangout on the beach in El Nido though and I did that often. IMG_5334
  3. Air con rooms are not the norm. They are typically double in price from what the fan rooms are, so if you can survive without air con go for it just don’t be like me and expect air con to be the standard and sometimes not even offered. Be sure to ask so you aren’t taken by surprise when you go for the cheap room thinking it has A/C—I speak from experience. Room rates very from 800 php (fan only) to 4500 php a night which is $18 USD to $101 USD.  You can get a pretty decent place in town for $30 with A/C.
  4. Bathrooms are not up to the western standard. McDonalds bathrooms are MUCH nicer than the standard bathroom in El Nido. Think gas station bathrooms lots of times without a toilet seat and you are on the right track. I wish I had known this to lower my expectations and not spend lots of time wandering in and out of bathrooms.IMG_5332
  5. Ants are a problem in El Nido and really everywhere we have been in Palawan. We haven’t been affected by them biting but they do crawl everywhere, like on your bedside table, on your walls, on your sink, on your dinner table, on your arm etc.  It’s just the way it is.
  6. Lizards are found often in your accommodations due to the windows being left open in the bathroom. Once you get used to showering with a friend and realize he eats the bugs you don’t want hanging around it doesn’t really bother you.IMG_0032
  7. If you are tired of meat and rice this is the best place to visit next. Every shop has either hamburgers or pasta or pizza. It’s awesome if you are like me and were a little riced out because you have it for breakfast lunch and dinner. I loved the pizza at Altrove and the curry burger at Alfon was possibly the best hamburger I have ever had, anywhere.IMG_5338 IMG_5355
  8. Speaking of food, the sauce that looks like a heavenly peanut sauce and is typically served with green mangos or steamed veggies IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. This is quite possibly the most awful sauce I have ever tasted. I love peanut sauce and was super pumped so I drizzled that sauce on my WHOLE plate, rookie move don’t do it. It’s a shrimp paste and tastes like dried up fish, blended to make a sauce that takes 10 spoonfulls of rice, 5 chugs of water and a whole spring roll to get out of your mouth.   Not even Greg liked it, and he likes everything.
  9. If you are a coffee lover like we are you want brewed coffee, if it doesn’t say brewed next to it its going to be instant coffee and 9 times out of 10 its instant mixed with creamer and sugar all in one, not the best. However there are lots of places with brewed (its served in a french press) you just have to know to look for it. If they don’t have it and you really need a caffeine fix in the am I recommend the tea. Its very popular and they tend to have it everywhere.Good morning El Nido I have found my breakfast spot! $5 and amazing fruits brewed coffee (not instant!!) and bread. V&V bagel you will see me every morning for the next 3 days. #breakfast #philippines #elnido #digitalnomad
  10. Do the island hopping and or diving! Tour A is everyone’s best tour but each one is amazingly breathtaking. With 45 islands around El Nido it’s really hard to go wrong so don’t be heartbroken if tour A is full on the day you want to go. Everyone seems to have a boat and offer these trips so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one available. Diving is also huge here and every other shop was a dive shop. Although we didn’t dive here I am sure it is amazing so if you have time and are a diver definitely partake.

All in all we loved El Nido!!! Even with the ants, lizards and no a/c the town definitely made up for it in beauty, island tours, laid back style, stunning sunsets and great food.

IMG_5401 IMG_5399 IMG_5391 IMG_5386 IMG_5372 IMG_5368

Just a swinging. #paradise #weekend

Greg could have stayed for months and I could too if we found a nice western bathroom accommodation within our budget. We loved it, had a great time and our next stop is Cebu where we have splurged and are getting a nice western hotel and one day will dive with whale sharks, stay tuned :)

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Travel Ten— Bag edition

December 8, 2014

It’s the holiday season and cue the trips to visit family and friends.  You always need a great bag to get you there and look good while doing it!  Here are my top 10 favorite bags to travel with!

Cross-body Bag— You have got to have a great cross so you can keep your hands free!  You can find this one by Tory Burch on her website.


Weekender— Pack it all and jump in the car with this great bag found online from Anthropologie


Convertible Bag— Sometimes you’re just not sure what you will need and this bag folds up so you can stow it until you need it! This one is my absolute favorite by Longchamp

Longchamp Longchamp2

Pet Friendly— For those trips you bring your much-loved 4 legged friend.  This one has to go bowls and water bottles still with enough room for toys/bones etc.  Find this one at Amazon


Diaper Bags— You don’t want to take too many bags so getting a diaper bag that doubles as a purse is a must!  Get this one from Michael Kors at Neiman Marcus


Clutch— For those fun holiday parties I am LOVING this one found at


Backpacks— For those more rugged adventures.  This one is the North Face Surge II found at REI


Carry-on— Those perfect for the jet-setting trip!  Samsonite, you can’t go wrong with Samsonite.


Over-sized Tote— For all the holiday gifts.  This one is great from Mark and Graham.


Beach bag—  For those lucky ones traveling to somewhere warm this winter!  These great stripes are found on Amazon and like every beach store in America, they were SO popular this summer… and for good reason they look great!


What bag is your go to and favorite? Happy holidays and safe travels!



The Travel Ten

The Travel Ten— Fall Edition

September 10, 2014

It is still hotter than ever here in south Alabama on the gulf coast and I am more than ready for a break in the heat.  I am so excited for cool mornings and football Saturdays I can hardly stand it.  So while I await the brisk morning walks with Maple here are a few of the best things to travel with during the fall!

1. Killer boots— Boots are the BEST thing about fall in my opinion and over the knee is the hottest thing going right now!  Try these from Tory the queen of boots, sold at Bloomingdale’s :)


2. A great pair of flats—For when you just want to throw some shoes on and get out the door but look put together.  Tory Burch makes the best in my opinion, no one else can compare.  So I guess she is the queen of boots and flats :)  These are the Caroline you can find on


3. Fun scarf— Can transform your outfit in a flash and chunky is so cozy for those chilly mornings!  This one is from Pika Pika Creative on Easy


4. Black skinnies— J.Crew’s pixie are the best!


5. Vest— Warms you up but without covering up your whole outfit, this one is from Target.


6. Versatile dress— Wear with boots, flats, scarf, jacket all for different looks; it really is the best piece.


7. Umbrella— Being cold and wet is the worst! Find this one here


8. Light jacket— For those days where your vest or scarf isn’t enough, find this one here


9. Carry-All tote— Its brisk in the morning but warms up during the day and you need somewhere to store that vest/jacket/scarf


10. Plum is the color of the season so pick up a fun plum lip color and your all set!


 Hope this helps you fall into fall :)



The Travel Ten

The Travel Ten– Summer Edition

August 12, 2014

Lists are a girls best friend in my mind.  I don’t do very much without them whether it’s at work, the grocery store, packing for a trip or just thinking about my day.   I will literally make a list for anything and might even put things on it just to cross them off, it feels so good!  So here is a list for 10 items you cannot leave home without if you are traveling this summer, my “Travel Ten”– Summer edition

1. Hairbrush — A girl has got to brush her hair!  Wetbrush is my fav its perfect for daily use or those activity-filled days when you have just a few more knots than usual because its bristles move with your hair to smooth it out without ripping it out.  I cannot say enough good things about this brush, you have got to try it!


2. The perfect tote — How can you ever pack everything without the perfect tote?  I am currently loving the trend of all leather ones right now, especially this one by Mark and Graham, you can even have them monogram it :)


3. Moisturizer — I am addicted to moisturizing my skin.  My fav is Clinique Moisture Surge, light and a great feeling for summertime!

moisture surge

4. Sunscreen — face sunscreen and body sunscreen you need both to protect your skin in the summertime!  My fav face is Neutrogena Ultra sheer it goes on smooth and doesn’t make me feel oily.  My fav body sunscreen is NO-AD because it comes in a huge bottle and let’s be honest when you are the one to remember sunscreen EVERYONE is asking to use some too, bring enough to go around :)


5. Day dress — the perfect summer essential.   Throw it on and you immediately look put together, BONUS you only have to pack one item if you wear dresses, hello carry-on!


6. Summer sandal — Another summer essential pair these with your day dress and you are set from head to toe with only 2 items!  I am loving these by Tory Burch right now


7. Phone — You need to have that little compact computer when you are on the go to find those amazing eateries, activities, and to document everything :)


8.  Sunglasses — Sun’s so bright you’ve gotta wear shades!  I am LOVING the blue aviators that are everywhere right now!


9. Summer read — What is a summer vacation without a great book/magazine to go with you?  I just finished The Happiness Project and highly recommend it to everyone!


10. Water — can’t leave home without it, it will cut down on puffiness and make you feel great.  Drink up!