7 Month Check-In

September 25, 2015

What Has Been.

It’s official.  We have been abroad for 7 months.  7 months!! That is crazy to me but also very normal.  This whole living abroad bug has bitten us hard and we will continue to do this until we grow tired of it (sorry mom and dad).  As much as we miss family and friends (believe me we REALLY do) we just love living and experiencing other cultures.  I have also come to really love the minimalist lifestyle, it’s very freeing to just be able to go wherever whenever you want with just your backpack.

We have been fortunate enough to see a good amount of Asia.  We have boated an underground river in the Philippines.  Attended the Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong.  Bungee jumped the highest bungee jump in the world in Macau.   Celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a private beach cabana dinner in Malaysia.  Crossed a national border in a taxi going from Malaysia to Singapore.   Explored the cleanest city in the world in Singapore.  Ate bugs on a stick, rode elephants, played with baby tigers, and played frisbee with friends where ‘The Beach’ was filmed in Thailand.  We watched the sun rise at Angkor Wat, learned about a major world tragedy for the first time, and shot a bazooka in Cambodia.  Skydived over the Great Barrier Reef, dove the GBR, rode a natural water slide, fed koalas and kangaroos and re-explored my favorite city in the world (Sydney) all in Australia.  Played in rice terraces, fed monkeys bananas, drank luwak (poop) coffee, hiked an active volcano for sunrise, celebrated America’s birthday from a bean bag on the beach, got surf lessons from a local and overall fell in love with Bali.

IMG_7882 IMG_8010 IMG_8046 IMG_7353 IMG_7634 Swoopware 0120

Greg: "want to be friends? Ill give you a treat" #shake #paw #anything? Kangaroo: "no." IMG_6696 Greg 0087

Changes in latitude changes in attitude ✌️ #sunset #nofilter #digitalnomad Had to regram, happy 4th from Bali!! Flags, bonfire, s'mores, fireworks and meeting new American friends... Okay Bali you aren't so bad to celebrate the 4th at! #bali #digitalnomad #happyfourth

Today in Cambodia:: Beautiful sunrise with a strong chance of Buddhist temples. ----- I'd say the 4am wake up call to catch this amazing #sunrise at #angkorwat was 100% worth it #cambodia #digitalnomad Playing with the big cats today! #Thailand #tigers

IMG_6769 IMG_5902 IMG_5721 IMG_6818 IMG_1565 IMG_6245

Sometimes your elephant gets hot and he decides to spray himself {and you} with mud. Thanks for thinking of us, now that I am thinking about it I was really hot #elephanttrekking #ThailandIMG_7231 IMG_5491 IMG_5283 IMG_5296

In addition to all the amazing experiences we have had, what means the most to us is when we had our best friends come to visit us in Thailand and had the opportunity to show my mom what life was like for us abroad.  Having the ability to experience amazing foreign destinations with friends and show my mom around our favorite place in Asia (so far) is truly immeasurable and we will cherish those moments forever.  To you amazing people who braved the 24+ hours to come see us we are forever grateful, can you come back yet??

IMG_6206 IMG_6269 IMG_6299

1 part amazing sunset 3 parts best friends. #missyourflight #dontleave #thailand 11272964_832462050135855_2072639453_n IMG_6664

Wishing my mom a safe and sound trip back to America. We had a blast and we are sad to see you go!! See you again in 3 months, stateside ❤️

11326038_498829150275189_1745144343_n  11930821_1691404454421955_882043836_n

Lunch time at monkey forest {on my moms head} #heremonkeymonkey #monkeywantabanana


What is.

So for the rest of 2015 its pretty well mapped out.  We have loved Bali and been here for a significant amount of time.  Its been a great feeling to get to know the island, connect with some locals, make friends and is making us antsy to get that long-term visa SOMEWHERE for longer than 60 days.  Jungle Scout (the family business Greg started in February) has taken off thanks to the incredible entrepreneur Greg is.  It has become a multi person company employing people from Palestine, the Philippines, San Francisco, Vancouver and two of us who move around a bit. We just got done with an amazing week with the full-time Jungle Scout team members coming to Bali for a big product launch.  It went beautifully.  Everyone is awesome, we had a successful product launch, got to know each other in a real life setting, worked hard, road mapped the next few months, and even played around Bali a bit.  Now those guys have gone back home we will continue to call Bali home until mid October.  After Bali we head to Thailand for a work convention, China for the Canton Fair (a real-life Alibaba experience), a bit of touring through China with Greg’s parents, Vancouver to work with our guys there, family time for Thanksgiving, Europe to see if it will be the next step for us and then back to family time for Christmas.

20150912_102048 20150913_170113(1) 20150919_124045 20150920_173711 20150914_170149 20150919_160412 FullSizeRender 7 IMG_8529

What Will Be?

Asia has amazed us and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I also imagine we will continue to come back for vacations each year, it’s too beautiful of a region not to.  For 2016 though we are going to be a bit closer to home and we are both very excited about it.  No update yet on where we are going to live although we have some ideas.  My heart is really set on Spain.  I would love to be able to travel Europe in 2016 the way we were able to travel Asia and Barcelona is a great hub for that.  Not to mention its a beach city and I can learn Spanish {finally}.  We are looking into long-term visa situations, what makes sense financially, what we want out of 2016, and the ease of coming back to visit the states more than we will have done in 2015 (aka less than 10 hour flights).  We are both very much looking forward to unpacking and getting to really know an area.  It has always been a dream of mine to live abroad somewhere long enough to feel like it has been a home.  I think that magic number is 6 months but it is still to be tested, I will keep you updated :)  We will continue to grow the business and I see 2016 being as unpredictable work-wise as 2015 has been.  Greg is an incredible entrepreneur and truly passionate about what he is creating I have no doubt he will continue to do things we have not thought of.

So there you have it our 7 month check-in.  It has been an incredible 7 month journey.  We have had ups, downs, breaking points, learning moments, awe-inspiring experiences and I cannot wait to see what the next 7 months hold.  Thank you to everyone for the prayers, warm wishes, good vibes, and kind words you have no idea how much we hold onto them here where sometimes it feels we are too far away.

Have Fun Do Everything,



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    Wow, being able to look back on your favorite adventures for 7 months is amazing. You have done more than the average person does in their lifetime! Kudos to you both. We’re looking forward to meeting you in China.

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