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Day Tour Through The Blue Mountains, Australia

For the month of August our Adventure on $200 was a tour through the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia. Here are the highlights: Cost: $240 AUD = $169 USD for two Length of Time: 8am-6pm (10 hours) Activities Conquered: Feeding kangaroos, koalas, goats,…

October 3, 2015
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What You Should Know Before A Visit To Bali

Everyone going to a new place always wants to understand a bit about it before they arrive.  This is a great practice to be in because if you understand a place before you arrive you cannot fault it for not being what you expected.…

September 30, 2015

7 Month Check-In

What Has Been. It’s official.  We have been abroad for 7 months.  7 months!! That is crazy to me but also very normal.  This whole living abroad bug has bitten us hard and we will continue to do this until we grow tired of it (sorry…

September 25, 2015

Day Trips In Bali

So you are in Bali.  You want to do all the amazing things Bali has to offer but don’t know where to start.  From being here for almost 3 months we have done a few amazing trips and I wanted to share them with…

September 20, 2015

How To Choose A City in Bali

I thought deciding on Bali instead of another Indonesian Island was the hard part.  But come to find out Bali is a big island with lots to offer and difficult decisions to make, what part to stay in for a month when you want…

September 15, 2015

Unique Restaurants in Bali

Because Bali has been a travel destinations for Aussies for quite some time now they have adapted to please the Aussie tastes.  This means lots of shops and restaurants full of stuff us westerners like, with an Asian flare.  The Balinese are just now…

September 10, 2015

Adventure Tour Through Atherton Tablelands in North Australia

We recently did a tour through the Atherton Tablelands which are southwest of Cairns.  We had such a great time and met a few awesome people, which is always a bonus on these tours :) The tour started early, we were picked up at 6:30am…

August 18, 2015
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Skydiving in Australia

WE WENT SKYDIVING!!! As a couple who likes to do adventurous things, skydiving is among the list of things we LOVE.  We tried it for the first time about a year and a half ago for our 1 year anniversary and loved it.  The first…

July 30, 2015

Dining in the Dark is Awesome

So a little while back Greg and I decided to try a dining in the dark experience at ‘Dine in the Dark‘ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  We absolutely loved it and I have not been able to stop talking about it.  I heard about…

July 26, 2015
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10 Truths About The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Digital nomadism is a relatively new {amazing} concept.  Truthfully speaking it’s pretty hard for people to wrap their heads around, simply because we have been taught a very specific way of life for generations.  Live a great childhood full of adventures, playgrounds, bicycles and…

July 13, 2015